Sometimes it takes a little fantasy to help us believe in what we cannot understand

F A I T H .. B U I L D E R S .. C L U B
Hi, I’m Glorious the Magic Genie Faith Builder. I invite you to become members of the Faith Builders Club. Membership is free of course. Couldn’t we all use a little more faith today?

You can become members of the Faith Brigade – the army of the truly righteous. In this army the only weapons we have are love, kindness, and caring. Don’t worry; they are going to be more than enough to conquer evil. We don’t need uniforms. We can wrap ourselves in faith.

We are going to spend our time building our faith so that we can become strong and invulnerable to the terrors of our time. This requires having lots of faith, which we will build by taking “little leaps” of faith.

The first “little leap” is to understand that we are all good and worthwhile people who are entitled to have faith. We are entitled to declare ourselves people of faith.

The second “little leap” is to believe in God even though we cannot see him.

The third ‘little leap” is to believe in God even though we do not understand him.

The fourth “little leap” is to learn how to listen to the words of the Lord so that we may begin to understand him.

The fifth “little leap” is to learn to express our faith in the Almighty so that we can acknowledge our faith to ourselves and validate that we are people of faith.

There are ninety-four more “little leaps” or Magical Keys which you can read about in The Magic of Faith.

You can also build your faith by getting a free Magic Pill with faith building instructions and a Certificate of Sharing.

Over time, as the spirit moves me, I will e-mail you with other “little leaps” if you wish. Just indicate that you would like to receive these faith building Magical Keys. I am after all a free spirit. Wouldn’t you like a little magic in your life?

To help you gauge how much faith you really have to build check out the Faith Index, it’s free too. I created it myself. Well, maybe God guided my hand.

Take a ‘little leap” of faith, join the Club and become a member of the Faith Brigade. Let’s all come together in a spirit of community and faith. We need to help each other in order to cope with the troubles of our time. We need to express our faith in God. Wouldn’t you like to be a person of faith?

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